Mk 5 Supra Controversy

Hong Kong, China July, 2019 : Toyoya Supra Test Drive Day on Aug 26 2019 in Hong Kong.

What is it?

The Mk 5 Toyota Supra is another generation in the Supra sequence. The Toyota Supra lineup has gained a lot of respect over the years thanks to the legendary Mk 4 Supra. The Mk 5 Supra is a fast and nimble Japanese sports car manufactured by Toyota. It is powered by an inline-six engine that makes 335 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque. It also had a 0-60 time of just over 4 seconds and can reach speeds of up to 155 miles per hour. Weighing in at just under 3,400 pounds, there’s no question that this car is no slouch.

Why Purists are upset:

There are many pros and cons of the new Mk 5 Supra, but perhaps the biggest con about the car is that the Mk 5 Toyota Supra is basically just a BMW Z4 with a different exterior look. Almost everything in the Mk 5 is the same as a BMW Z4. The technology inside the car is almost identical to the BMW Z4. The infotainment system is no different than the kind you would find in any of BMW’s most recognizable models. Even the engine is from the BMW Z4, making many people very upset and annoyed with Toyota. If you take off some of the engine covers in the engine bay, you can even find BMW logos scatted all across the engine.

Missed Oppurtunities:

The Mk 5 Toyota Supra could have been truly an iconic car of the past decade, but fell short due to a couple crucial mistakes by Toyota. The Mk 5 Supra is offered with an 8-speed Automatic transmission, and doesn’t have an option for a manual transmission. All the previous generations of the Supra had manual transmissions, making them more engaging to drive, and more desirable. The engine bay also has a lot of room for seemingly missing components to the engine. My people have already asked Toyota why they didn’t put a bigger turbo in the car, or intake. Toyota simply said that they left room for people to do their own modifications because they knew that there is a very large tuning and modification market for this car. A YouTuber name Doug DeMeuro does car reviews and he has a video that covers everything about the Mk 5 Supra. If you are looking for more info on the car I highly suggest you watch his video.

Good things about the Mk 5:

Even though the Mk 5 Supra has many flaws, Toyota did very well on many aspects of the car. I personally think that the body style of the new Supra is amazing. The lines of the car go perfectly together and flow very nicely into the next body panel. With a wide range of Wide-Body kits and different wings and spoilers for the car, the variations of customization that you could do to the car is almost endless. I do think that customization and uniqueness was one of the main aspects of the car that Toyota wanted to incorporate and they delivered more than enough. The indented roof design on the Mk 5 Supra is very unique and I have only seen this design on the nicest of supercars.

I guess what I’m saying is that the Mk 5 Toyota Supra is a very controversial car with many pros and cons. Many people are upset with Toyota, but I personally like the car’s styling and it’s heritage. But Toyota has to fix that exhaust that sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

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